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It was my son's crayfish, it's name was Blue's Claw. It was a resident in his fish tank. It ate most of the other fish before it died. I am sure the remaining fish were glad to see it go, however my son was not.
This satellite is an old RCA Series 3000 (now Lockheed Martin) that was launched in 1995 aboard a Delta 2 rocket. One of the rocket’s booster motors failed to separate during the launch hindering the vehicle’s performance. This caused the satellite to be placed in a orbit about 3000 miles lower than expected. The satellite was successfully raised to a geostationary orbit using it’s on board thrusters, but that lowered its operational life from 15 years to only 4.5 years
Every year since our son was born I have purchased a Hess toy truck for him as one of his Christmas presents. Every year he collects all the Hess trucks and their contents for the "Parade of the Hess Trucks". It is fun to dim the lights in the room and turn on the trucks' lights. They also make quite a racket when all the horns and sirens are enabled.

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