Telescope Cam

This image to the left is either from the MallinCam Hyper Color (M) CCD video camera, or the GStar-Ex (G) black & white CCD video camera. 

The GStar has a  2.6mm wide angle lens that monitors the dome's slit position. The Mallincam is connected to a Williams Optics 66mm refractor. The cameras  are repositioned when ever the German Equatorial Mount moves. 

The motion of the telescope's German Equatorial Mount (GEM) will cause the image within the field of view of the cameras to be rotated when the scope is pointing anywhere except 0 degrees (North) or 180 degrees (South).

The scopes are parked pointing slightly downward to keep dust from settling on the optics. When the cameras are active they will upload images to this webpage in single frame mode every 60 seconds. 

Cameras active whenever the observatory is operational.
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