How-To or General Info                                                      

Replacing the Dec Motor and Control Board on a 10" LX200GPS

Building a weather proof do it yourself cover for the SQM-LE

Plate Solving, Pointing Correction & Auto Mapping (A laymen's explanation)

Telescope Basics
(Celestron)   -   Cleaning Your Optics  (Dr. Clay
-   Collimation  (Thierry  Legault)

How to Balance a Telescope (Starizona) -  Focusing a CCD camera (Alssundgymnasiet Sønderborg School )

How I do it.... Remote Control Operations
(JAT Observatory)  

CCD Video Cameras (JAT Observatory) The Meridian Flip (JAT Observatory)

Observatory Automation (a presentation created for the NJAA
(JAT Observatory))

How To Build a Telescope  (Donkey & Fat Boy)       Remote Voltage Monitoring (JAT Observatory)

The Sky Hook (a carrying device for the LX200GPS series telescope)- (John Shwope)

Adding Remote Control to Sirius Observatory's Motorized Shutters (JAT Observatory)

Wireless Remote Controlled to Switchbox for Meade Micro-Focuser (JAT Observatory)

Use of Virtual Serial Port Redirector for Remote Shutter Control (JAT Observatory)

Time lapse imaging an asteroid (JAT Observatory)

Adirondack Flat Fielder light box (JAT Observatory)

Attaching camera lenses to a Meade LPI & DSI (JAT Observatory)

Convert between degrees, minutes, second & Longitude/Latitude (The FCC)

Processing Images with Photoshop   (Unknown)  -   Telescope Pointing (Patrick Wallace)

Stacking Images (Photoshop)    -   Telescope Pointing (Patrick Wallace)

EZ Polar Alignment   (Donovan Conrad) -  

Drift Alignment Made Simple
(Bruce Johnston)

Precise Polar Alignment
  (Dr. Clay)

Andy's Shot Glass Drift Alignment Movie (Andy Raiford)       

Magnetic Declination Calculator (true north) (NDGC)

Magnetic Field Value Calculator   (NDGC)


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