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 The display above* is from the Wide Area Storm Probe-2 program. WASP-2 is a real-time data viewer and analyzer intended for monitoring lightning activity captured by a StrikeStar Lightning Locator Network. The point sources providing this data to StrikeStar are StormTracker and LD250 lightning detectors manufactured by the Boltek Corporation. The JAT Observatory is one of the point sources that provides lightning data to the StrikeStar network. The data from detectors located across the country is processed in real-time by the StikeStar server.  After processing the composite data from all the detectors is transmitted  back to the observatory's weather station computer. That data is then plotted in near real-time on a map of North America with a NextRad weather radar overlay. The map above with lightning data for a 300 km radius of the observatory is then uploaded to this website in 5 minute intervals. * The lightning data image may not be linked to or displayed on another website without permission from the JAT Observatory. All data uploaded to this webpage is done so as a courtesy and should be considered experimental data.  This data should not be used to make decisions involving the protection of life or property. For information on lightning safety consult the National Weather Service or the National Lightning Safety Institute.

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