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The American Association of Variable Star Observers         Heaven's Above

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Dan's Astronomy Software (huge collection of links to Freeware, Shareware, and Commercial Software)

Amazing Astronomy Software for the Pocket PC (and it's free!)  

Free Full Feature Pocket PC beta software that controls your Meade scope!  

Minor Planet & Comet Ephemeris Service        Radio JOVE

New Jersey Astronomical Association


Astronomy-Mall(lot's of vendors here)

The vendors below I would purchase from again, or recommend to others:

 Diffraction Limited***           Scope Stuff ***      Pier-Tech2      SBIG    Orion

Peterson's Engineering - Sky Division***          Booney Lakes (Milburn Wedge)***  

Sirius Observatory***      Anacortes Telescope    Adirondack Video Astronomy                 

RuGift (Russian cameras, lenses & optics)      The Software Bisque***

ADM Accessories       Astronomics***                My Astro Shop

Backyard Observatories***   

*** Highly recommended


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