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Fairless Hills, Pa  USA 
Latitude :   40.16  North
Longitude: 74.84  West
Altitude:    98 feet

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ince August 1st, 2003

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Bill Arnett's
The Nine Planets


The JATObservatory (JATO) was a small, privately owned and operated observatory.  JATO was located in Fairless Hills, Pa. Unlike its large professional observatory brethren, that usually reside in high altitude clear dark sky areas,  JATO was surrounded by a very  light polluted residential neighborhood. The glare from sodium vapor street lights, porch lights, and the local strip mall all contribute to a phenomena known as "sky glow".  This made imaging of faint deep space objects at best difficult, and visual observation of them almost impossible. The darkest the sky got at the JAT Observatoty was abount 19.24 MPSAS . For that reason JATO was mainly operated  remotely under computer control using special purpose astronomical (high sensitivity) CCD cameras. Visual observing via the eyepiece of the Sun,  Moon or planets was done on occasion but it was a rarity. 

This website contains information about the observatory, its construction and layout, as well as the telescopes used. It contains links about the planets, imaging, and general tips and how to's. In the educational section you'll find links for kids, educators, novice and experienced astronomers. In addition there is also a news section that provides up to date sources of news relating to astronomical events, discoveries and space. I suggest you spend some time and explore the site. There is a lot to see.  Hopefully you will find this website useful, enjoyable, and educational. Also if you wish, feel free to leave your comments about the site in the Guestbook.


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