** The panoramic view above is a composite of individual images taken with the Weather-Cam.  The walls on the left and right side are really at a right angle (90 degrees) to each other. 14 separate images were automatically stitched together using a program called Autostitch. The only user input require was the selection of images loaded into the program. The software did the rest.  Although the default settings were used, the image was re-scaled afterward for display on this webpage.

               24 hour Time-Lapse Cam                    


The animation above will show a time lapse of  the last 24 hours from the Weather-Cam at the observatory. Since the camera can be user controlled it may not have been pointing at the same object for the last 24 hours so the video may appear to be jerky. The individual images are captured in 1 minute intervals. Those images are uploaded the Weather Underground website where the time-lapse animation is assembled. The result is then embedded in this webpage.


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